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What is SLEEP IT OFF™?

What is SLEEP IT OFF™?

The first natural sleeping aid that contains Tart Cherry, French Melon SOD & Bioperine – clinically studied natural ingredients for improving sleep time and quality. The formula features 210 IU of SOD per serving, a cellular defense enzyme known to help improve sleep time and quality.



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35% Of Adult Americans Are Losing Sleep
Millions of people do not enjoy a peaceful and refreshing slumber for various reasons such as stress from work or life. Sleep deprivation puts a toll on the body and increases oxidative stress. We wake up tired, listless and grumpy. If you’re among those who find a good night’s slumber hard to come by, sleep specialist Xenuro has a tried, tested and trusted solution for you – just SLEEP IT OFF™!

Why Sufficient & Good Sleep Is Important

Thomas Dekker wrote over four centuries ago: “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” The importance of sleep as a physical health booster is indisputable. A research by the Carnegie Mellon University has shown that a person who suffers from lack of sleep is likely to develop a cold. Another US study discovered the correlation between poor quality sleep and the subsequent occurrence of gastrointestinal symptoms in women suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Quality sleep is essential for the health of the cerebral cortex in the brain and for the healing and repairing of our heart and blood vessels. Conversely, insufficient sleep can impair the body’s immune system and undermine its ability to fend off viruses.


Healthy Sleep Check
A healthy sleep is one that reinforces good general health. Professor of Sleep Medicine from Pittsburgh University Daniel Buysse has a simple checklist to ascertain if you have good sleep health.

  1. Do you get six to eight hours of sleep a night?
  2. Do you normally wake up feeling you had a good night’s sleep?
  3. Is it easy for you to fall asleep? And sleep again if you are awakened during the night?
  4. Can you stay awake and alert during the day without dozing?
  5. Is your sleep routine suitable for your lifestyle (unless you’re on the graveyard shift, you’re sleeping at night)

If you can answer “yes” to every question, then your sleep is doing its job. If not, let SLEEP IT OFF™ help you doze off faster and make your slumber better, deeper and longer. Try it – you’ll love it!